Night Motor

Dirty-bass-big-beat-loving-horror-soundtrack-filth-hounds. A reckless take on electronic music… fat slabs of synth with dirty drums and crazed vocals.

My Electric Sky

Heartbreak pop electronica of multi-layered soundscapes that combine distorted guitars with bleak synthesizers and bittersweet vocals.


Producer and DJ. His music reflects a love of  house and beat driven dance blasts. His debut release is a riff based 90s house ride. Out 15 December 2014.


A  love of 808s, TB bass sounds and crisp electronic pop… it’s crackling electronica dressed in a Debbie Harry post punk chilled but skilled atmosphere.

P▲Lm B≡▲CH

Manchester, UK, based producer ‘Palm Beach’ makes down-tempo, synth based, disco kissed, electronic music. Synthwave washes through house music and meets disco on the way.


Drofler likes to produce a complicated sound with a simple set of tools, pushing them to their limits. Locked away in his penthouse lab, he samples the environment and spits despair into each Technomath creation.

Death Valzer

Soundtrack music using non-quantized variations in frequency and amplitude.


Kaninchen are a two piece electronica act who discharge the darkest parts of themselves at an audience in a highly theatrical and rhythmic blast of sound.

Escape Wave

Fizzying art pop from the whizz kid on a synth. Escape Wave’s off-kilter hooks of electronic sound will capture your brain.